Wall Mounted Mirrors

wall mounted mirrorsSee how a wall mount mirror can add style and functionality to your bathroom.

Many times when decorating a bathroom you have to carefully select items based on the amount of space you have to work with. However, there is one functional decor item that can be incorporated into any bathroom, regardless of its size. That exceptionally useful item is a wall mount mirror. Photo: Houzz

Wall Mounted Mirrors in Many Types & Styles

One other favorable feature about a wall mounted mirror is that it can be included in any design style. With the selection of mirror designs available, you can find one that would be a perfect compliment to a bathroom decorated in a retro theme, an ultra modern theme, and everything in between.  Find a wide selection of wall mirrors at FineHomeLamps.com.

Features of Wall Mount Mirrors for Bathroom

It is quite easy to find a wall mount extension mirror for your bathroom. These mirrors can be a tremendous help when shaving or applying make-up. Some models extend as much as 30 inches from the wall. There are mirrors with fluorescent lighting that work well as make-up mirrors. Many of the extension mirrors pivot, tilt, or swivel.

A stationary bathroom mirror does not offer that convenience. Because they are so easy to adjust, an extension wall mount mirror is perfect for everyone. Two people sharing a master bath are probably different heights. Having an adjustable mirror is very helpful. For a really special extension mirror, you might want to check out the dual wall mount mirror.

These types of mirrors will typically feature fluorescent lighting and a small mirror that can be pull out when needed and folded behind the larger mirror when not in use. You have various mirror finishes to choose from such as polished chrome or brushed nickel. These particular models make for an ideal wall mount makeup mirror because the lighting and magnification allow you to apply your makeup accurately.

Some wall mount mirrors extend from the wall in a permanent position rather than by a movable arm. A brushed nickel minimalist wall mount mirror is an example of this type of mirror. This mirror would enhance any modern decor bathroom design.

Wall  Mount Mirror Materials

Other styles of wall mounted mirrors can easily be found. Some of these have a frame that can be a natural wood tone, ebony, or aluminum. You can choose a lighted wall mount mirror with or a mirror without lights included in their design. Some stationary designs also offer a magnification option.

All styles of wall mount mirrors will add reflective quality to any bathroom. Actually, if you have a large master bath, you might want to include a separate wall mount mirror near your double sink vanity.